Digital User is Boost Up during Lockdown, Google report:

Google has released a report on ‘What is India Searching for?’, the report covers the changing digital behaviours and top five consumer trends which are, ‘The need to be Always on’, ‘Power to know more’, ‘Tap and Transact’, ‘Anything, anytime, anywhere on-demand’ and ‘Optimise, personalise, humanise’.

As per the report “always-on search” has become a common habit for Indian consumers as they sit at the centre of an endless stream of information. While they may be holding back on any kind of discretionary spending at the moment, they are certainly more active online than ever before, discovering services and products that could satiate their exploratory instincts.

The report reveals how dependence on digital is increasing, time spent on smartphones in week 3 of COVID-19 disruption inched towards 4.5 hours per day, online video accounts for more than 70% of India’s total data usage, 2.5x growth in searches for “Python” making it one of the fastest-growing programming languages. 3x growth in “Data science” and “machine learning” related searches over 2019-2020.
As a result of this non-linear-exploratory journey of the consumer, brands may feel the need to be omnipresent. However, by leaning on digital footprints of their consumers, brands can optimize to show up in the moments that matter the most to their users. They must hold a seamless dialogue with potential shoppers, from when they discover them online to before actual purchase. And finally, invest in post-purchase redressal systems to be top of mind for consumers.
On digital payments, “UPI” had 3x more search interest than “IMPS” and 1.5x more than “NEFT” in 2019. Searches about UPI from non-metros grew faster at 79% compared to metros at 28%. UPI transactions exceeded those of debit and credit cards in both value and volume.

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